Why Our Candles Are Superior to Others'


Many candlemakers claim that their candles are “Aromatherapy” candles but as there’s no law or guideline on the use of the term “aromatherapy” any manufacturer, even those that include synthetic ingredients in their candles, can slap the word “aromatherapy” on their label.  :sensorium Candles use 100% natural ingredients ( pure essential oils, paraffin free soy wax).  We have earned the right to use “Aromatherapy”.

Holistic aromatherapy focuses & emphasizes the use of all natural ingredients whenever possible. Most candles are not all natural, even if they are marketed with the word “aromatherapy”. When burning candles made with synthetic ingredients (or even natural ingredients with toxic compounds), despite how pleasantly fragrant the air is that you breathe, you will still inhale toxins.

Candles suitable for use in true aromatherapy are rare, which is why :sensorium Candles are so unique.

Why Do So Few Candlemakers Do Things The Right Way?

Candles made with waxes that emit toxins when burned (i.e. paraffin) aren’t suitable for aromatherapy. Holistic aromatherapy promotes the use of all natural ingredients.  Paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum production is clearly not natural. However, since Paraffin wax is cheaper and easier to use for candle making, most candle manufacturers use it instead. 

Beeswax, soy, other vegetable based waxes, and bayberry are the waxes of choice by those who are environmentally conscious and by those involved in aromatherapy.

A Large Measure of Essential Oil is Required to Make Aromatherpeutic Candles

It requires a significant amount of essential oil in order for the fragrance of the essential oil to be detectable in the candle. As a result, most candles on the market use synthetic fragrance oils.   Our candles use ONLY 100% pure essential oils with absolutely NO fragrance oils.  We also  use the maximum scent load possible for each candle.

Many manufacturers don’t want you to know that their candles contain synthetic ingredients. Remember that “Made With Essential Oils” doesn’t ensure a pure aromatherapeutic experience. The candle can still contain mainly fragrance oils. The same is true with “Made With Beeswax.” The candle can still contain mostly paraffin wax.