Inspired by nature and an holistic means of treating modern day anxiety, depression, creative blocks,  as well as to arouse and simply relax and meditate, we set out to make the candle the center of your daily well-being.

After creating the ethos of our candles we turned our attention to the essence of our scents and ingredients. We wanted every indulgent ingredient in every artisanal :sensorium creation to be put there by our very hands and we wanted to accomplish this with only naturally derived ingredients without the toxicity found in most candles today.

Our noses can detect more than one trillion scents and smell is the strongest and most direct connection to our memories, our sense of calm or anxiety, and our mental health.

With such a direct connection between scents and our mental and physical health, what we inhale becomes a part of us both mentally and physically.  Did you know that most of the major retail brands, and even many artisanal candles contain toxins that are proven to cause cancer such as many containing phthalates, paraffin, and more.  Beyond the wax itself, 90% of manufacturers use “Fragrance Oils” in their candles which are also often toxic and contain petrochemicals.  These may smell amazing, but you’re inhaling something detrimental to your health in the long run - it could be said you might as well smoke a pack of cigarettes every-time you burn one of these types of candles. That’s why we got rid of the bad stuff and got busy creating the most pure and toxin-free candles with the most amazing scents.

Our motto for our candles is “Soy and Essential Oils - that’s all” and we mean it. Our candle waxes are all  organic and toxin-free.  Our essential oils that are used inour cnaldes are 100% undiliuted essential oils - some other manufcaturers may say they use essential oils, and they might, but most use essential oils diluted with water and most don’t use ONLY essential oils, they often pair them with fragrance oils as well, so there is no comparison.

You can feel, smell and experience the difference. It changed our understanding of what makes an effective and great smelling aromatherapeutic candle, and we hope it does the same for you.